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A rider waits at a stoplight on his RadMission electric metro bike.

“Riding Rad” is an approachable introduction to broader issues and topics facing ebike riders globally. From general bike etiquette and weird local bike laws to safety and theft prevention tips, "Riding Rad" sheds light on some of the barriers newer riders may face and serves as a refresher for seasoned commuters.

With all of the time you spend on your electric bike, it's only natural that you'd like to feel as comfortable as possible. Sometimes that means achieving the right bike fit. Other times, that means making sure you have a saddle that matches your riding style.

In keeping with this month's focus on mobility, we wanted to share a few comfort tips that'll help keep you moving year-round.


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Bicycling, with or without motor assistance, involves risks of injury and damage. Wear a helmet, obey local bicycling and traffic laws, and follow safe and responsible riding practices. Don't ride in conditions that exceed your or your bike’s ability. Please do not attempt to re-create or re-enact any stunt performed in this video. If riding at night, have bright bike lights for both the front and back of the bike for good visibility. We also recommend consulting a reputable, Rad-certified bike mechanic to regularly inspect and tune your bike, especially before engaging in any off-road or wet weather riding.


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