This Is What Happens When We Ride Together

A mother sits with her children next to a RadWagon electric cargo bike.

Riding is better when we do it together! It's why we offer a referral program that gives both you and a friend $50 off when you bring them into the Rad community.

Sharing some time outdoors can pull you from the struggles of the day-to-day and give you both a chance to connect over what really matters, whether that’s through a conversation or just a shared appreciation of the world around you.

We'd like to share a few stories from our community about what you can expect from spending some time in the saddle together. We hope they'll inspire you to keep an eye out for your next riding buddy. 

It helps us reconnect with those we love ...

"Bought a Rad Step-Thru for my wife as she has a foot condition that makes it difficult to power walk with me anymore. This bike has allowed us to continue to get out and exercise together." - Mark H., verified Rad Rider

And what we love.

"We are a husband and wife wholeheartedly attached to cycling in all forms. Our new RadWagon is the best cycling experience we have had together as a couple thus far. Being a bit older it helps more than you could ever imagine. We LOVE to cycle again!" - Britt W., verified Rad Rider


Three friends ride a RadCity 6 Plus down an urban street.

It helps us break the routine ...

"Bought a RadWagon to take our 4 year old son to/from pre-K school. It has turned into some of the best time we spend together, exploring new routes, laughing, stopping at construction sites, and talking about our days. I didn't realize it would become his favorite 'toy' that we also use to take laps around the neighborhood, make trips to the store, and cruise alongside his mom during her long runs. It has also replaced my car as the primary work commuter." - Justin Y. verified Rad Rider.

While keeping timeless traditions alive.

"As an 80 year old, I thought my bike riding days were over. Then my sons wanted me to join them on a campout, both of whom are mountain bikers. Now do I not only keep up with them, I can beat them up the hills."  J. H, verified Rad Rider.
A father rides a RadWagon with his children in the Conestoga on a fall day.

It lets us get away from it all ...

“I've had my RadRover for about a month now it's opened the outdoors to my husband and I … We golf, kayak and now ride our Rad Bikes life is good! - Teresa M, verified Rad Rider.

But never too far from what matters.

Great for taking the kid fishing at the lake. No hard pedal up the hill at the end of the day and can leave my truck at home. NC. W, verified Rad Rider.

A group of friends talk together in a park next to their RadMission electric metro bikes.

It gives us something to talk about ...

"These bikes were a great investment in improving our health and giving us a common hobby to share." - Stephen H., verified Rad Rider.

That means more than words.

"We love it! My son is 10 and nonverbal. Can't ride a bike on his own. This gives us something we can do together as a family." - Paul C., verified Rad Rider.


Do you have someone you've always wanted to ride with? When you refer a friend to Rad Power Bikes, we'll give them $50 off their first electric bike and give you a $50 Rad Power Bikes gift card.  

Refer a Friend!

Reviews are from real customers but have been edited for breadth and clarity. Photos depict actors.


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