Kickstart Your Ride With These Five Tips for New Riders

Kickstart Your Ride With These Five Tips for New Riders

Did you just get one of our ebikes? If so, congratulations! You’re about to discover that there’s a more adventurous way to get around town, stay in shape, and, most importantly, have a whole lot of fun. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started on the right path. 


1. Relax! It’s just a bike.

Biking on a whole new level

We design electric bikes that are built for everything and everyone. Once you get started, you’ll see why we’re North America’s largest ebike brand.


As any longtime Rad rider can tell you, taking a spin on one of our ebikes is a lot more fun, easy, and exciting than hopping on a regular old bike. 

But just because we take cycling to a whole new level doesn’t mean you need to feel intimidated. 

At the end of the day, if you know how to ride a bike, you already know how to ride an ebike. Yes, there’s a throttle (U.S. and Canada only) and varying levels of pedal assist, but the basics are exactly the same. 

Once you get going, it's simple to figure out what makes these ebikes so Rad — probably more so than any gadget you've tried to get the hang of.


2. Protect your ride.



Did you get a gift certificate along with your bike? The ABUS BORDO Folding Combo Lock 6100/90 is available both in our Seattle-area showroom and our online store.


Once you get going, we’re pretty confident you’re going to get into your new ride. 

Like, really into it.

One of the most common things we hear from new riders is how easy it is to suddenly find yourself racking up hundreds of miles — sometimes without even thinking about it.

We want to make sure that you get to enjoy your bike for as long as possible. That’s why we really, really want you to take some simple commonsense steps to make sure your bike stays ... well, yours.

Make sure you invest in a high-quality lock and always wrap it around the frame, especially if you plan on leaving your new bike unattended when you run an errand or pop inside your local coffee shop. 

You should also register your serial number with Bike Index as soon as you get your bike. This free registration service currently catalogs over 300,000 bikes and engages with 880 community partners. 



3. Don’t leave your key in the battery.


The battery on our ebikes can be removed with one of the two identical keys included with your purchase. Store these someplace safe. 


Adding to the ways your ebike is different than a car or motorcycle, the key that locks your battery in is designed to be turned into position and then pulled directly out before you ride.

You can lock your battery into the bike by turning the key to the position showed below. When you twist it to Off Locked, it will remain securely on your bike, but will not be operational. To remove it, turn the key to the OFF, Unlocked position. 



Make sure you take the key out every time you lock your battery into place. It provides an extra safety measure to keep your battery from being stolen.


4. Get the most out of your power.


Walk mode is a feature that allows the motor to move the bike at a moderate pace so that a person can move their bike without having to push the full weight.


Having a 750W motor provides a lot more benefits than just helping you go fast without breaking a sweat.

You can use your throttle to get up to speed quickly as you start pedaling. It’s a lot easier than relying on brute strength and ensures a smooth beginning on every ride.

If you ever have to walk your bike, each model is also equipped with a walk mode. This does wonders to lighten your load, especially if your approach is on a steep grade.

The walk mode can be activated by holding down the minus button on the RadRunner or the down button on the display remote of the other bikes. Make sure you're holding the handlebars with both hands. The motor will stop providing assistance as soon as the button is released.

Once you get it going, just start walking like you normally would. It can move the bike pretty quickly, so be prepared to keep a steady pace.



5. Brush up on the basics.


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It never hurts to make sure you have your bases covered. With Rad Power Bikes, that’s easy.

Our in-house team of experts is always sharing tips aimed at helping you breeze by whatever obstacle may come across your path. 

We have guides on everything from maximizing the life of your battery to proper bike fitting to general etiquette.

We even have a set of tips on how to master your winter ride — something that you may find particularly useful if you’re itching to get started right away.

And of course, if you have any questions, our product support specialists are available 7 days a week, 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. PT on weekdays and 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PT on weekends. ‍ Just call 800.939.0310 x2.



Interested in the environmental benefits of your new bike? Check out how electric bikes are helping save the planet. Looking to go somewhere warm before the new year? Here are five winter destinations where you can ride Rad without having to ship your bike.


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