Growing Up Rad

Growing Up Rad



Remember singing off-key with your brothers and sisters in the backseat of the family car? What about watching your own kids bounce off the walls whenever you’d pull up in front of their favorite ice cream shop?

Memories are made when families are on the go. Since the early '50s, getting around has meant spending time together in a car. But as responsible parents start to consider the ramifications of car culture and shift to micromobility, there comes an alternative -- a movement away from SUV life that helps your family cut back on their carbon footprint, clear up some space in the garage, and have a lot more fun getting from point A to point B.

Drum roll, please.


You guessed it -- it's an ebike! But it's not your ordinary ebike, mind you. The RadWagon 4 electric cargo bike has been redesigned from the ground up to be the ultimate family-moving machine, and it's shipping direct to doors nationwide in October. 


Changes to our flagship cargo ebike include adding smaller, innovative tires with a lower center of gravity for added stability. Parents can ride more comfortably thanks to a  patented new frame design with multiple points of tool-free adjustability. And with the addition of a torque-happy geared hub motor, this bike makes hauling kids or cargo a breeze -- even when you're going uphill.

Perhaps the best thing about this bike, though, is all the new accessory combos that make this a bike that can grow in parallel with your family.

Here’s what that may look like for your brood:



The Young Family


A mother and father strap their child into the Thule Yepp child seat on their RadWagon


Between doctor's appointments, daycare drop-offs, and baby playdates, the first few years for any new parent are busy, to say the least. This set-up is great for checking off each day's to-do list -- or just getting out of the house.





Double the Fun!


A mother picks up her two kids from school with the RadWagon 4 electric cargo bike.


Sibling time! When there's a new addition to your fam, the RadWagon will be ready. It can safely carry two kid seats (and up to 40 pounds per child) on any family outing.





The Big-Little Kid Bike



Your kids may be outgrowing their clothes, but with a 350 pound cargo capacity, you won't have to worry about them outgrowing the bike anytime soon. 



  • Caboose. With a fixed outer rail and an adjustable inner rail, the Caboose can be expanded as your child grows.  
  • Two Deckpads. Add a little cushion to their ride with our new, plush rear rack seats. 
  • Running Boards. For when their legs are long enough to need a place to rest. 



Lose the Training Wheels!


A mother and her daughters climb onto the RadWagon 4 electric cargo bike.


Your kids are big enough to ride shotgun! Time to ditch the Caboose, these buddies can hold their own. 


  • Retractable Foot Pegs. Aluminum foot pegs offer your passengers on-demand comfort and added stability on their ride and can support up to 30 pounds on each side.
  • Deckhand. For a little more peace of mind for you and your passenger, this deckhand makes for a sturdy experience. As a bonus, it can also be mounted to the back of the rear rack as a backrest or to help contain cargo.




Growing up doesn't stop once your little ones aren't that little anymore. When they're 16 (check your local laws, of course), it's time for them to make the move from the backseat to the saddle.


A father and son check out the RadWagon 4 from their driveway.



Join the Rad Family with the RadWagon 4 electric cargo bike, shipping in October. 




Take a deeper dive into the RadWagon 4's innovative designCurious about ebikes? Check out the basics


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