Rad Gifts for Rad Moms

A mother rides a RadRunner Plus on a bridge with her child seated on the back.

With over half a million riders worldwide, it’s safe to say that the Rad Community has its fair share of pretty awesome moms.

And since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate them — and share some gift ideas that are a lot more exciting than the usual bouquet of flowers.

We’re running a special deal through 5/14/23 where you can get your mom a new set of wheels, plus two free accessories that’ll let them customize their ride for whatever it is they love to do.

It all starts with one simple question: what kind of Rad mom do you have?

The Momtrepreneur

A mother rides a RadRunner Plus on a bridge with her child on the back.

"Love it. My daughter puts her supplies on it and sets up her lemonade stand." — Faviola P., verified RadRunner rider

Does the mom in your life need an easier way to commute? A quick way to carry art supplies, photo gear, or, in Faviola’s case, everything you’d need for a lemonade stand?

The RadRunner Plus is a jack-of-all-trades that’s just as comfortable hauling kids as it is, well, everything else.

It’s a do-it-all ebike for the mom who does it all, especially when you personalize it with our lineup of accessories.

Our recommendations:

A Large Basket to keep their gear at their fingertips.

A Large Rolltop Liner that detaches from the basket for on-the-go demands.


The Mother of Adventure

A folded-up RadExpand rests on a bench inside an RV.

"My husband, daughters, and son in law all bought Rad bikes this summer. The five of us have had so much fun riding on trails locally and boardwalks at the beach. We take them camping with us and ride." — Barbara M., verified RadExpand rider 

If you asked your Rad mom to plan the perfect weekend, would it look like breakfast in bed and a quiet day around the home, or would it look like a wild, fresh-air adventure?

If your mom loves the outdoors as much as we do, the RadExpand is designed to fold-up for storage inside a minivan or RV, and expand when it's time to hit the trail.

It's a must-have for families who want to ride together, whether that's Mother's Day weekend, or just another Sunday. 

Our recommendations:

An Enhanced Comfort Saddle to complement rough terrain.

An LCD Display Upgrade to track their stats. 


The Super Grandma

A child stands next to a RadCity 5 Plus on a fall day. Orange leaves surround the scene.

"I love to get out and ride around my tree lined street; My hair blowing in the breeze. It is exhilarating when I ride full on 20 mph. All the kids think I am Super Grandma." — Sherry R., verified RadCity rider.

Sure, you don’t need to have a sleek electric bike to be a super grandma — but it doesn't hurt!

For those who’ve mastered the art of mom, and are now flexing their muscles as grandma, the RadCity 5 Plus is a great choice.

Not only is it fine-tuned to tackle hills without breaking a sweat or come to quick, easy stops, but it also has more range than any other model in our lineup. That means Super Grandma can keep the ride going all day. 

Our recommendations:

A Rad Mirror to keep them on step ahead.

A Premium Headlight for extra peace of mind.


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