• Adjusting Your Suspension Fork | Rad Tech

    Adjusting Your Suspension Fork | Rad Tech

    To achieve the perfect ride feel on your ebike, follow these easy steps.
  • Rad Stories: Endless Summer

    Rad Stories: Endless Summer

    What's better than riding an ebike on powdered-sugar sand beaches? Rolling out in a fleet of them with new friends at sunset.
  • Bike-Share Repair in Vancouver | Rad Stories

    Bike-Share Repair in Vancouver | Rad Stories

    How an electric cargo trike helps keeps a city's bike-share fleet on the road.
  • Committing To Commuting: Riding Rad

    Committing To Commuting: Riding Rad

    You've got to want to do it, but once you get past that initial hurdle, riding your bike for utility (and joy!) can be a breeze.
  • So Easy a Kid Can Build It

    So Easy a Kid Can Build It

    From box arrival to rubber on the road, we pride ourselves on making your ebike easier to assemble than something from Ikea. But just how easy is it?
  • Pure Treedom

    Pure Treedom

    In honor of Earth Day, Arbor Day, and every day, experience true treelaxation through the sights and sounds of the forest -- and M.C. RadRover.
  • Going Dutch

    Going Dutch

    How the Netherlands can consistently rank among the most bike-friendly places in the world. Hint: It's just what they do.
  • April Fool's Video Outtakes

    April Fool's Video Outtakes

    So, did you buy it? Did we get you? Did you write in with an angry comment or cancel your gym membership? 😂
  • Introducing: The RadFit

    Introducing: The RadFit

    Power through your workout with a brand new fitness offering from Rad Power Bikes.
  • Riding Etiquette | Riding Rad

    Riding Etiquette | Riding Rad

    Three guidelines for keeping yourself and others safe on the road.
  • A Special RadBurro Delivery

    A Special RadBurro Delivery

    A holiday toy drive was a huge success - all thanks to our customers and neighbors.
  • Theft Prevention | Riding Rad

    Theft Prevention | Riding Rad

    What to keep in mind when buying a lock and securing your ebike.

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Side view of a charcoal RadRover 6 Plus high-step electric fat tire bike

Electric Fat Tire Bike

The ebike model that started it all: Hop on our flagship fat tire and you may never want to leave. Now in its sixth version, the RadRover 6 Plus powers through all types of weather and terrain, with the technology and design to make it your best ebike ride yet.

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Side view of a silver RadRunner Plus electric cargo bike

Electric Utility Bike

Perfect for errands, perfect for fun, this electric utility bike comes fully-loaded with exclusive accessories to elevate your everyday experiences. The passenger package invites you to bring a friend for the ride, while the premium headlight gives you the confidence to hit the road any time.

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Close up view of black, metal Front Rack for Rad ebikes.
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