If Ebikes Were Winter Sporting Events

Rad Power Bike rides toward snow-capped mountain.

Our electric bikes aren’t currently competing on the world’s biggest sporting stage. But just like elite athletes, Rad Power Bikes are hard-working, quick, nimble, and adaptable to their environment. What if they were to go for shiny hardware in a winter sporting event - what event would it be? 


Helmets on. Whistle blows. You’re off, chasing pucks, goals, and miracles on ice. Maybe the RadRunner isn’t a hockey team, battling it out for champion status. But its moped-style certainly keeps it out of the penalty box! Just like the men and women scrambling across slick surfaces, RadRunner riders are nimbly weaving in and out of twists, turns, and traffic, often bringing a partner along for the ride.

Green RadRunner ebike is shown on a street.


Our foldable fat tire can not only take on trails, hills, and even snow, but it is often the trail bike of choice for hunters, allowing for easy unloading at a moment’s notice, and quick, quiet transportation in fields and forests. It can also easily carry the rifle required to hit the targets in a nordic biathlon. One could even say riding a RadMini is hitting the bullseye.


It’s big. It’s beefy. And like the athletic, muscular skaters tackling speed skating, the RadRover’s fat, wide tires give it the power to barrel down surfaces that others might think twice before going.

Back of RadRover 6 Plus ebike.


The costumes! The excitement! The daring choreography navigating the surface. And that’s just one trip on a RadCity commuting bike, going to and fro in busy downtown. What did you think we were referring to? Figure skating? Well, it works for that too. Make it a pairs event and grab a friend to ebike with your RadCity.


Just like the teams of two or four racing to the limit in bobsled, our RadWagon loads up multiple passengers and deftly tackles hills and turns with ease. We recommend you keep the careening-down-corners-at-93-mph to the sledding professionals, though.


It’s light. Our lightest bike, in fact - and just like snowboarders catching big air in the half-pipe or sailing off a jump in slopestyle, the RadMission has the agility and moves to navigate up or off a steep surface, feeling nothing but the wind in your face.

Women rides on RadMission through a family of ducks.

Sure, our ebikes aren’t actually winter sports. But they are the vision-come-to-life of our founder, Mike Radenbaugh, who chased his big dream and made it a reality. We wish competing winter athletes the same fulfillment of lifelong dreams!

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