Here's What Happens When You Use an Ebike Instead of a Car

Here's What Happens When You Use an Ebike Instead of a Car

Every Earth Day, we’re reminded that there are small steps we can take to make life on this big, beautiful planet a little greener for everyone.

Sometimes, that can be as simple as, well, riding a bike.

We noticed that when someone takes the plunge and starts riding an electric bike, they naturally start driving less.

Maybe that’s because a ride in the fresh air and sunshine is a lot more fun than sitting in a cramped car. Or maybe it’s because ebikes make finding a parking spot or avoiding traffic way easier.

Either way, it adds up to a big win for the environment.

That's because for every mile spent driving, the average car releases 404 grams of CO2, a greenhouse gas that builds in the atmosphere and wreaks havoc on the climate. 

With the average passenger vehicle producing about 4.6 metric tons of CO2 each year, every mile you spend on a bike helps chip away at your carbon footprint.

In fact, according to a study from the Transportation Research and Education Center, those emissions in an average city can fall by roughly 11 percent if ebikes make up 15 percent of the ways that people choose to get around.

Take a closer look and see how using an ebike instead of a car can help you cut down on pollution in your day-to-day life — without sacrificing any convenience.

Grocery Shopping 

Most Americans will drive roughly four miles to reach the supermarket. That adds up to about 3,232 grams of CO2 every time you decide to stock up on groceries. 

Add in the amount of time that you spend idling in the parking lot while waiting for a spot to open, and you're probably looking at a little more.

But with an electric bike, that short trip can be a zero-emission breeze.

And if you're worried about giving up your trunk, don't worry. The RadWagon electric cargo bike has a 350 lbs. payload capacity, which should be more than enough to handle a few weeks' worth of food.  


For years, the average commute has hovered around 15 miles. If you rely on a car, that adds up to about 6,060 grams of CO2 emissions every trip.

At first glance, you may think there's no way to get that far without a car, especially since that distance could seem impossible to conquer on a traditional bike. 

However, the popularity of electric commuter bikes like the RadCity and RadCity Step-Thru show that even the most daunting trips to the office are possible when you have a 750W motor backing you up. 

Plus, with that kind of power, you won't have to worry about showing up to your meeting drenched in sweat.  

Going Out to Eat 

Okay, so these days you're probably not going out to eat very often, but if you've been jumping in the car to pick up some of your favorite take-out, you're probably traveling about 3.3 miles

But if you use an ebike to grab that Thai food or pizza, you'll end up saving about 1,333 grams of CO2.

In the middle of binge-watching your favorite show and can't bring yourself to head outside? We've all been there. 

Even if you're relying on delivery, there's still a chance an ebike is in the mix. Restaurants everywhere are relying on Rad Power Bikes for convenient, environmentally friendly last-mile delivery solutions.  


How far would you go to have some fun? Not to take any of the magic out of it, but according to the data, that answer's probably close to 12 miles

That means you can save 4,848 grams of CO2 by using an ebike instead.  

And ditching the car doesn't mean you need to go solo. The RadRunner and RadRunner Plus make it possible for you to give your friend (or quarantine partner?) a lift.

Taking the Kids to School 

If you're anything like us, you love the time you've been spending with your kids, but you also can't wait for school to start again.  

Once it does, you can save 2,908 grams of CO2 by using an ebike for your average pick-up and drop-off trip

With accessories like the Caboose for the RadWagon and the Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat for all of our latest models, you can transform your bike into something a lot cooler than an SUV.

The Big Picture

On average, Americans drive 13,476 miles per year. How many of these trips can be replaced by an ebike? 

If you're thinking about riding Rad, tally up the amount of emissions you'll save each week. Then take a look at our full line-up and see if you're ready to start doing your part. 

We hope to see you in the bike lane soon! 


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