Five Days of Radness!

Our holiday sale may be over, but you can still get that special someone the perfect gift. Join us for Five Days of Radness as we share what makes our electric bikes so undeniably Rad!

Imagine how awesome it would feel to wake up on Christmas morning to find an award-winning electric bike tucked under your tree. To suddenly realize that you have the opportunity to seek out unlimited adventure in the great outdoors or cruise around town in comfort and style whenever you want?


There are plenty of reasons why an ebike (or a cool accessory!) from Rad Power Bikes makes a great present, and as we celebrate Five Days of Radness, we’ll be sharing one of them each day.

Day 1: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

The only thing better than enjoying a carefree ride is sharing it with someone special. That’s why, when you purchase an ebike from Rad Power Bikes, you’ll receive a unique referral code that will let any of your friends or family save $50 when they buy an ebike of their own.


It's an easy way to recruit new riding buddies, but it also helps a great cause. Every time someone uses your code, a $50 donation will be made in your name to one of three amazing charities of your choosing: The Clean Water Fund, Habitat for Humanity, or the National Park Foundation.

Day 2: The Rad Family

You and your new riding buddies won’t be the only ones out there living life to the Raddest. When you purchase an ebike from Rad Power Bikes, you’ll be joining the largest community of electric bike owners in North America: The Rad Family!


This is a tight-knit crew who understands the sheer joy that comes with riding an electric bike. People who know what it’s like to conquer hills, breezily cover dozens of miles in a single day, and get up to 20 miles per hour without breaking a sweat.


What better way to celebrate your family pride than by donning some Rad apparel?

Day 3: Our Four-Legged Friends

The Rad Family comes in all shapes and sizes, but some of our favorite members have four-legs. We think they deserve a gift too!


We got tired of seeing our pets give us those sad puppy dog eyes every time they’d catch us heading out for a ride, so we released a collection of accessories specifically designed for all of our furry friends.


With carriers and portable water bowls, our pet collection makes it easier than ever for you to bring you best friend along for the ride. Plus, with a very snazzy pet kerchief, they’ll be the only thing on the trail getting more attention than your bike.

Day 4: Safety and Security

Whether you’re riding solo or spending time on the saddle with your loved ones, you deserve peace of mind. That’s why we offer a never ending stream of tips from our resident experts aimed at keeping both you and your bike safe and secure.


Our product support team is available 7 days a week, our in-depth online help center is constantly being updated, and if you’re looking for even more information to safeguard your ride, you can always expect new articles on the Scenic Route.


But that’s not all. We also offer top-of-the-line accessories to keep you feeling good about your ride, from helmets to locks, and so much in between.

Day 5: Keeping You Riding

Sometimes you just don’t know what accessory you’ll need until you take your new bike out for its first ride.


Maybe you’ll realize that you could really benefit from a basket. Maybe your dog will convince you she should ride along. Or maybe it’ll dawn on you that the best accessory you could ask for is a second bike so your friend or loved one can join you.


Whatever you need to make you ride complete, we’ve got you covered!