Order today and take advantage of our 14-day trial period.

Not 100% convinced an ebike is for you? No problem!


We don’t want you to ride just any ebike. We want you to ride the ebike that’s right for you.


That’s why we’re offering our customers the chance to try out their new bikes risk-free for up to two weeks or 10 miles.


If you decide it’s not for you, or that you would rather go with another Rad Power Bikes model, simply return your bike (without any shipping, processing, or restocking fees!) within 14 days of its delivery date.


Terms and conditions apply, view our full return policy here and read some FAQs below.

Not sure which model is for you?


If you want to know which model(s) may fit your body the best, use our sizing chart (right) to help determine fitment based on your leg length. You can view instructions for how to measure your leg length below.


If you want to see features of all our models in a side-by-side comparison, check out our Compare Ebikes page.

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Not sure which model is for you?


If you want to know which model(s) may fit your body the best, use our sizing chart below to help determine fitment based on your leg length.


If you want to see all of our models in a side-by-side comparison, check out our Compare Ebikes page.

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Instructions for Measuring Leg Length

What to Measure


Your “real inseam” -- or inside leg length -- is the distance between your body where it sits on your bike saddle and the ground.


This will typically be an inch or two longer than the length of your trousers, but you’ll want to measure to be sure.


You’ll use this number on the chart to get a feel for how the different models will fit you.


How to Measure


Gather the tools needed:

  • Medium-width hardcover book
  • Tape measure
  • A wall you can stand against
  • A trusted friend or relative


Stand with your bare feet spread so there is about 7 inches between their inside edge - this is about the distance apart your feet would be when straddling a bike with your feet on the ground (standover height).


Place the top or bottom of a hardcover book against the wall with the spine of the book facing upward. Slide the book upwards towards the base of your torso until it is solidly against your body. This may be a bit awkward but is way more comfortable than trying to ride a bike that is too big.


If you have a buddy helping you, get them to measure from the floor to the top of the book spine while you hold the book in place. If you’re going it alone, carefully hold the book in place and measure from the ground to the top of the book spine.


How does the Rad Free Trial Period work?

If the ebike you purchased is not a perfect fit for you, contact our Product Support team to see if you are eligible for a return. We will only authorize the return if you are within 14 days of delivery and if the ebike has less than 10 miles on its odometer, is still in “new” condition, and is packaged in its original materials and box.

How long will it take to receive my refund?

Refunds will be made after the bike is received and inspected. The inspection process will typically take up to a week after the bike is received. Once the inspection is completed, refunds will typically be processed in about 1-2 business days.

Will I get a full refund no matter what?

If your bike is returned in new condition with no issues, you will receive a full refund. If there is any damage or other issues, the repair costs will be deducted from your refund. For purchases made through Rad Mobile Service the Built & Delivered fee is not refundable.

What qualifies as “new” condition?

In order to be considered “new condition” the bike must be free from damage, dirt, dust, in the same packaging and condition that you received it, and have less than 10 miles on it.

I haven’t opened the box to look at the ebike, but I know I want to return it. Am I eligible?

Yes, if you have not opened the box, we can authorize a return. The final amount of your refund will be determined based on an inspection of the ebike.

I threw away the packaging, can I still return my ebike?

Unfortunately, without the original box and packaging materials, we’re not able to authorize a return.

I received my ebike but it’s damaged/not working. When does my trial period begin?

We’re sorry to hear your ebike is not functioning properly! Your trial period will begin once replacement parts have been received and the bike is up and running.

My ebike was damaged during shipping. Am I still eligible for a return?

If your ebike was damaged during shipping, please document the damage by taking pictures of the bike and the box, then reach out to our Product Support team and they will work with you to find the best solution.

Once my return is authorized and I receive my return label, how do I return my ebike?

Please contact our Product Support team to coordinate the return process. In most cases, we can help schedule a FedEx pickup or locate a drop-off location if you prefer to drop the bike off on your own time. Any return shipping costs will be covered under your warranty or reimbursed as part of your refund.

How should I repackage my bike?

We’ve developed a guide with instructions on how to properly and safely repackage your bike, which our Product Support team will supply to you. Please follow these instructions to ensure your bike does not experience any damage during the return. If you have any questions after reviewing the guide, please contact our Product Support team.

I returned a model but then changed my mind and purchased it again. Can I return the ebike again?

No, you are not eligible to return a bike that you have previously returned.

I’ve already purchased and returned one model, can I do the same with a different model? 

Yes, you can buy and return a model that you have not tried yet. However, please keep in mind that each customer is only eligible for two returns within one calendar year.

Can I buy 5 bikes, try them all, and then return the ones I don’t want?

No, each customer is only eligible for two returns within one calendar year.

I purchased my bike before you launched this free trial period. Can I return my bike? 

The free at-home trial policy is a new program that applies to purchases made on or after March 9, 2020. This policy does not back date, so unfortunately you are not eligible for a return.